Why read this?

Do you wish your ‘religion’ came more naturally? That it honored your body, mind, and spirit! Shouldn’t there be a way to heal your own bruised soul while helping, in some small part, to heal our world and communities? And wouldn’t you like to have all this without believing in ‘six impossible things before breakfast?’

This newsletter is about the natural religion many of us wish we had. Such a religion is trying to be born. Its elements are all around us. Science, which we often see as the enemy of spirituality, is now studying human nature, motivation, and feelings. Science is downright friendly to spirituality these days. And those religions and wisdom traditions we may have discarded on our life path? They aren’t all bad. Faith traditions are changing, and some have always had a branch that honors the whole person. 

Life is full of spirit and mystery. We sense it; sometimes, we even know it. It can knock us off our bicycles. At other times, we feel it shyly peeking around a corner. We know there is more to our lives than what shows on the surface. So let’s get started; we’ve got a lot to explore!

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